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Titles are Important
Across all textual elements, the title is among the most important. According to the study, the strongest visualizations had good titles. Good titles need to be concise, descriptive and sum up the key message in seconds. Also worth noting, titles were more likely to be fixated on if placed at the top of the visualization, as opposed to the bottom.

Pictures are King
Pictures give readers additional associations that help them retain and recall content. The big surprise? People like pictograms! Pictograms did not seem to distract participants during encoding and actually improved recognition.

Repeat Your Message
Data and message redundancy in visualizations help people grasp on to the main trends and messages, and improves visualization recognition and recall.

Memorable at a Glance = Effective
Importantly, the team learned that visualizations that were memorable “at-a-glance” (after only 1 second of encoding) were often the same ones that were memorable after “prolonged exposure” (10 seconds of encoding).


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