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(mam też wrażenie, żę wyświetla się w tych samych portalach co reklama Google Sieć Partnerska)

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What does RTB House do?

RTB House develops digital advertising solutions for clients worldwide. The technology is built on retargeting and real-time bidding (RTB) models to deliver personalized, online ads in real-time.

Personalized Retargeting

Re-route past visitors back to your site!

Build long-lasting customer relationships
Deliver offers and incentives that hit the mark
Campaign across global regions and markets
 Focus ad spend on top-customers for better ROI


Display manufactured goods over competitors!

Campaign by product category and price.
Get daily reports, metrics, and analytics.
Thousands of categories to run campaigns
 Track your top competitors against your campaign.

TANDEM Reviews

Promote reviews, articles and tests concerning your product.

Increase the popularity of your product information
Influence users at the beginning of their buyer’s journey
 Reach potential clients with unbiased articles, reviews and tests


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